The Answer is Yes. Hacking into someones personal space is strictly illegal, i.e, without their permission (Non-Ethcial). Once you attain permission (Ethical), you are free to hack that persons account/system.
EC-Council certifications are the world’s most renowned certifications and are accepted globally. Once you attain these certifications, you can apply to companies as CyberSecurity Professionals.
The EC-Council Courses are designed in such a manner that they train you from being a Novice to a Professional. If you dont have a background in Hacking, we would recommend you to start from our Core programs and then slowly move on to the Expert and Master programs.
The answer is Yes. We recommend you to download Kali Linux from the following link and get used to the Operating Systems. Though an indepth knowledge is not required, basic knowledge of the environment will help you go a long way.
The average salary greatly depends upon many factors like, the certification you get, the country you apply to, your previous experience etc. Having said that, be rest assured that after getting certified, you would be able to live a comfortable lifestyle.
Tech Brewery is an Accredited Training Centre (ATC) of EC-Council, which means everything taught by us is of their standards and the certificates provided at the end of a successful exam attempt are also of EC-Council. So feel free, and come learn hacking from the very best.

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